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Story Publication logo May 28, 2009

Where webcam meets storytelling: Pulitzer Center and iWitness


Alex Amend, Pulitzer Center

The Pulitzer Center is proud to announce a new partnership with the award-winning interview series iWitness - from Frontline/World - where newsmakers and journalists connect from around the world on webcam (using Skype).

Launched just last year, iWitness is the recipient of two 2009 Webby Awards: one for best news and politics series on the web and one as a People's Voice award winner.

The Pulitzer Center, also a People's Voice award winner at the 2009 Webby Awards, will make available for interview Pulitzer Center journalists in the field and in the midst of their reporting. This partnership will enable both organizations to expand our reach providing the best in-depth international reporting of important and often underreported issues.

Watch the partnership's inaugural interview between iWitness' Joe Rubin and the Pulitzer Center's Sarah Stuteville and Alex Stonehill. Both Sarah and Alex have been in Pakistan for six weeks investigating the school system and its relation to the civil and ethnic unrest that is now making headlines.

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