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Story Publication logo June 15, 2021

Where Does Recyclable Waste Go? (Portuguese)


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The project finds out the destination of the recyclable waste in Brasília, the capital of Brazil, by...


Recycling is no easy task. To work effectively, all players need to be involved, from production to waste collection. As consumers, we are part of the chain. Our task is to separate every kind of waste and throw it away correctly. But how do we ensure that the garbage will end up where we want it to go?

To answer this question, a Metrópoles investigation threw away 72 GPS devices. We tracked them for a month and analyzed the results. Some went where it should: a triage center, where recyclable materials are gathered and reintroduced in the production chain. However, others went to the dumpster, showing that there are significant problems in the waste collection.

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