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Story Publication logo July 9, 2007

What does it take to get closure?


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Gabriel Deng, Koor Garang and Garang Mayuol, Southern Sudanese "Lost Boys" in the U.S., were forced...

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David Morse, for the Pulitzer Center

This was, for all of us, a big journey. Most blogs written from the saddle like this one just kind of stop. Though I can't provide closure for myself entirely, and expect that may be true for the others - the experience is still running through us - I feel some need to say goodbye or at least "See you later" to those who have followed our journey from afar.

We are all five at Kenyatta airport (as far as I know; I'll know in a few minutes) ready to fly off the continent of Africa. We carry a myriad experiences with us. I want simply to express my gratitude for everyone who helped make this possible.

Thank you for your interest, your faith, your loving concern, and your openness to the possibilities we carry within us for a better world.


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