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Story Publication logo December 4, 2008

War in DR Congo: The story of Pascal and Vestine


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The 2006 election in the Democratic Republic of Congo was supposed to usher in a new period of peace...


The Democratic Republic of Congo has endured one of the world's bloodiest wars for over a decade. More than 5 million people have died, mostly from preventable disease and starvation.

In the last year alone, over a million people have fled the fighting in eastern Congo.

In spite of a peace accord in 2003, fighting continues and many fear that foreign countries are still involved. Recently, there have been more signs of Rwandan involvement and encouragement of rebels.

The 17,000 United Nations peacekeepers in Congo cannot ease the growing number of casualties as a rebel group threatens to overthrow the Congolese government.

Worldforcus correspondent Michael J. Kavanagh of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting recently visited the refugee camps and tells one family's story. Taylor Krauss captured the footage and Lisa Biagiotti of World Focus produced this story.

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