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Story Publication logo October 31, 2018

'Threshold Podcast' — Season 2, Episode 6: 'The Things I Can See on the Mountains'


Winfred Obruk points to the lost beach in Shishmaref, Alaska, where the community's playground and fish-drying racks are now under water. The island faces rapid erosion due to the effects of climate change, and residents have voted twice to relocate. They are determined to move as a community, but while they try to navigate this costly and complicated process, the Chukchi Sea pushes ever-closer to their homes." Image by Nick Mott. United States, 2017.


Cold Comfort

Season two of Threshold takes listeners to the homes, hunting grounds, and melting coastlines of...

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After thousands of years of tradition, a shifting climate is forcing changes in the way Sámi families herd reindeer. But some climate solutions are also threatening their way of life. This is the story of the Aleksandersens, a Sámi reindeer herding family in northern Norway. 

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When Project Nordlicht is complete, it will have 67 turbines, supplying 281 megawatts of power. It will be one of the largest on-shore wind energy projects in Europe, and it's located right on top of the land used the Aleksandersens, a Sámi reindeer herding family in Norway.


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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change

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