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Story Publication logo October 30, 2013

Tanzania: Droughts in Engaruka Cause Hunger


Image by Sharon Schmickle. Tanzania, 2013

Roiling tensions underlie efforts to improve food security in Africa, often pulling at cross...

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Engaruka, a village in Tanzania, is prone to drought. Currently, the villagers have little left in the way of livestock and other possessions. They are left empty-handed in the face of future droughts. Some villagers, such as Thomas Saitoti'o, once owned 30 cows. Now, however, he is down to two. Villagers have lost over 65 percent of their livestock due to drought.

Children are suffering as well. Most food served at the school has to come from the Tanzanian government or relief agencies. Meanwhile, some families have been lucky enough to have their chickens lay eggs. Other families are worried they will not have enough food to feed their children past October.



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Food Security

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