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Story Publication logo September 28, 2006

A Story of People in War and Peace

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Pulitzer Center Director Jon Sawyer traveled to Russia and throughout the South Caucasus, reporting...


Nagorno Karabakh, the mountainous territory between Azerbaijan and Armenia, is one of the "frozen conflicts" left unresolved from the collapse of the Soviet Union. Ethnic Armenians were victorious in a vicious war with Azerbaijan but no government, not even Armenia, has given Nagorno Karabakh the international recognition it seeks.

The war was just as ambiguous for its combatants, among them the citizen soldiers of Armenia. We see the results in these excerpts from "A Story of People in War & Peace," a film by Armenia's Vardan Hovhannisyan who won the prize for best new documentary filmmaker at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

The following preview was edited by Lauren Kesner and Nathalie Applewhite in association with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and Bars Media.

For more information about this film visit:

The full length documentary will air this Fall on the Documentary Channel, available in the USA on DISH Network, Channel 197.

The film is partially funded and co-produced by ITVS International.


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