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Story Publication logo October 13, 2016

South Africa: Around Alex

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The South African government is working to reform Alexandra Township, one of the poorest, most...


Since 2001, Johannesburg's Alexandra Township has seen vast changes, propelled in part by a national urban development project to improve the area, but also by an influx of rural South African and immigrant jobseekers who have further densified an already-crowded landscape. Still, there are deep strands of identity that have remained in place—residents whose families helped found the township over a century ago, or the informal settlement that has persisted for decades as a site of poverty and crime.

Presented in this slideshow are some of the people and places in Alex that tell the township's story and history: two rival organizations representing Alex's longtime property owners, both of which are suing the city in search of compensation for past injustice; a soup kitchen for drug addicts, run by a group of neighborhood women; and the structures—hostels, houses, and bridges—that have been built and renovated in the attempt to lift the community out of its longtime poverty.



Migration and Refugees


Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees

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