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Story Publication logo October 12, 2022

Safeguarding the Wealth of Nusakambangan Together (bahasa Indonesia)


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The tropical rainforest on Nusakambangan Island, Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia is very important...


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EAST NUSAKAMBANGAN NATURE RESERVE AREA: The East Nusakambangan Nature Reserve area in Cilacap, Central Java, is one of the wildlife corridors for the movement of leopards. In the local area there are still quite a lot of animals to be found. Image by Lilik Darmawan/Media Indonesia. Indonesia, 2022.

Nusakambangan Forest is one of the remaining tropical rainforest areas on the island of Java. Preserving its flora and fauna is a common task.

A panther or black leopard (Panthera tigris melas) was seen walking in the forest area of Nusakambangan Island, Cilacap, Central Java. The wild animal has a habitat in forest areas and nature reserves.

Panthers are one of the most protected animals that still inhabit the remaining tropical rainforest areas on the island of Java. Nusakambangan is a small island that covers only 210 square kilometers or about 21 thousand hectares (ha). It is 36 km long with a width of between 3-9 km.

Nusakambangan is hilly, undulating, with a few flat areas on the northern coast and the western tip of the island. The island has an altitude of 0-190 meters above sea level (masl).

The status of Nusakambangan Island is quite unique because it has been designated as a prison island. On the island, there are currently eight correctional institutions (LP) operating.

Nusakambangan was designated as a prison island through Staatsblad Ordinance Number 25 dated August 10, 1912, and strengthened by the Decree of the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies Number 25 dated July 24, 1922, which was published in the State Gazette of the Dutch East Indies in 1928 Number 381 regarding the establishment of Banyumas prison.


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