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Story Publication logo September 11, 2013

Rieke Havertz Discusses Chicago's Gun Violence on WGN Radio

Graffiti in Humboldt Park on the West Side of Chicago where Latin and black gangs control the streets.  Image by Rieke Havertz. Chicago, 2013.

As the discussion about tougher gun laws gains momentum in the U.S. after mass shootings in Colorado...

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Image by Carlos Javier Ortiz. Chicago, Illinois, 2013.

Listen to a radio host Mike McConnell talk to Berlin journalist Rieke Havertz about gun violence in Chicago. Rieke's Pulitzer Center project, "Gun Violence in Chicago: A Global Problem," focuses on a city that has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but still sufferings from daily shootings in poor neighborhoods. Her series ran in the German newspaper Taz.

In a separate article for The Chicago Tribune, "Perspective: A German's View of Chicago's Gun Violence" Rieke adds a personal note to her reporting in Chicago.

To listen to the full interview, visit WGN's website. The discussion with Rieke begins about a third of the way through the program.


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