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Story Publication logo October 25, 2010

Rebuilding Hope Television Premiere: Nov 6, 7


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Gabriel Deng, Koor Garang and Garang Mayuol, Southern Sudanese "Lost Boys" in the U.S., were forced...

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Image by Jen Marlowe, Sudan, 2010.
Image by Jen Marlowe, Sudan, 2010.

As small children, Gabriel Bol Deng, Koor Garang and Garang Mayuol fled their villages in South Sudan due to civil war. They became a part of a group of thousands of other boys with a similar story, nicknamed "The Lost Boys" upon resettlement in the U.S. in 2001. Now in their 20s, they have embarked on a journey back to Sudan to discover whether their homes and families have survived, what the current situation is in South Sudan, and how they can help their community rebuild after the devastating civil war.

Along the way, these Lost Boys assess their hopes, dreams and fears of the Southern Sudanese people nearly three years after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. They explore the connections between the conflict in South Sudan to the conflict in Darfur, probing the larger questions of identity and ethnicity in their home country.

"Rebuilding Hope" is a powerful record of their quest to finding surviving family members and rediscover and contribute to their homeland. It also sheds light on what the future holds for South Sudan in its precarious struggle for peace, development and stability.

Upcoming Airings:
November 6 @ 9:00pm ET

November 7 @ 12:00am ET

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Rebuilding Hope will also air on Seattle's PBS Station KCTS as part of the "REEL Northwest series."

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