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Story Publication logo November 18, 2021

Prostitution in Pantura Area Becomes Rampant Due to Climate Crisis



This project was prepared through a lengthy reportage exploring several areas along the coast of...


To read the original report, written in Indonesian on the VICE website, click here.

Fishermen, especially women in the industry, are one of the most vulnerable parties affected by the climate crisis.

Name those who live in the Pantura area. The tidal floods, which are often present as a real excess of the climate crisis, reduced their catches by up to 50%, compared to before. Many women are forced to swerve to change their source of income. In addition, before the climate crisis hit, they were often discriminated against. They find it difficult to obtain professional recognition as fisherwomen on their identity cards.

As a result, they cannot qualify for a fisherman's card with a myriad of benefits: insurance, financial services, fuel subsidies, using COVID-19.

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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change
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