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Story Publication logo December 12, 2012

Paper Cuts: China Is the New Paper Power


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Faced with the devastating twin threats of digital and China, can a critical Wisconsin industry...

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APP (Asia Pulp & Paper) lab technicians use surgical instruments to transplant tissue samples of Eucalyptus tree tissues into cultures in petri-dish like jars, which grow the seedling in climate controlled incubation areas at the Asia Pulp and Paper nursery center tissue culture laboratory in Dingan, Hainan located in the north east Hainan provence, a tropical part of China. The nursery is one of two APP nurseries in China where they select the tallest trees that yield the most pulp, clone them and plant the cloned seedlings. Those tallest of these trees jokingly are called “Yoa Mings.” Image by Mike De Sisti. China, 2012.

After a century of growth, the U.S. paper industry is suffering due to a switch by consumers to devices like tablets and e-readers. But in the last decade China has tripled its production and overtaken the U.S. as the world's biggest papermaker.






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