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Story Publication logo September 5, 2010

Old Dhaka: A Day in the Life


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In old Dhaka, the heart of Bangladesh's sprawling capital, water is a constant -- from the over-sized ferries and the annual monsoon rains and floods that define this river delta to the supply and hauling of drinking water without which this mega city of some 14 million people could not survive.

Some of the rituals are as old as time -- women gathering at water taps and wells to fill their oversized pots, men bathing in the streets. Others are semi-modern adaptations -- the now ubiquitous plastic bottles and the thriving business that has developed for their delivery, gathering and recycling.

This video is about the daily routines of old Dhaka and its sights and sounds, from crows cawing and the mixing of concrete to the jangle of rickshaws and children singing. The boy tying down his load of empty 20-liter water jugs has delivered 150 in the course of the day, selling them for 50 cents apiece.



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