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Story Publication logo April 14, 2010

Kenya: Sanitation in the Slums


East Africa: Access to Water

In much of the developing world, women spend more time fetching water than any other activity in...

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On Wednesday, April 14, PBS NewsHour aired Fred de Sam Lazaro's latest story from Kenya: a report on social entrepreneur and Acumen Fund founder Jacqueline Novogratz. She's developed a new idea called "patient capital", that is funding innovative approaches in tackling some of the worlds most entrenched social problems. Also, a look at one man's vision for cleaner and greener public toilets in Kenya. It's part one of a two part series.

This story is part of a reporting collaboration on sanitation and water issues in east Africa Sudan among NewsHour, the Pulitzer Center and the Under-Told Stories Project at Saint John's University/Minnesota.


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Water and Sanitation

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