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Story Publication logo June 16, 2021

Julien’s Story: A Year of Emotions

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Report Card

Report Card explores how the pandemic has exacerbated and brought attention to issues of inequity in...

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These graphic memoirs are part of Report Card, a Mission Local project supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and the Wallace House, where editor and reporter Sindya Bhanoo is a Knight-Wallace Reporting Fellow. The project utilizes illustration and audio to highlight the unseen hurdles that students in underserved communities are facing this year.

Julien, age 14, was an 8th grader at SF School this year. Eighth graders at SF School each wrote and illustrated graphic short stories this year based on their pandemic experiences. Mission Local journalists conducted a writing workshop with the students.

Image of red cartoon character looking angry with flames coming out of head. Red cartoon has mouth open yelling wearing a grey shirt and red tie. Text below cartoon reads "The pandemic has brought out a lot of emotions for me. The first being annoyance."
Drawing of blue medical mask. Under drawing the text reads "I was annoyed because I couldn't do certain things that I had been doing without thinking. Like standing close to someone and talking to them without a mask. Or eating with friends and family at the same table."
Drawing of an eye with a single tear falling. Below the drawing reads "Another strong emotion I felt was sadness brought on by the events happening in the world."
Drawing of a newspaper with coronavirus headlines and a image of coronavirus. The text below reads "Every time I turned on the news it seemed like a new terrible thing had happened or we had reached a new grim coronavirus milestone."
Drawing of two hands reaching for each other and the text below says "We had wildfires, the coronavirus, countless deaths, racial injustice, but it was the separation from people that had the biggest impact on me. I saw people much less and when I did we couldn't huge, or high five, or do our handshakes."
Drawing of an iPhone with they incoming call. The text below the drawing reads "The third emotion I felt was happiness, because while last year was terrible there were still good moments. Many of these happy moments were when I was talking on the phone with friends."
Drawing of the Zoom logo, a blue circle with a white outline of video camera. Below the drawing is text that reads "Instead of our family meeting together in person for holidays or special occasion we met on zoom calls which was a funny new experience."
A drawing of a speech bubble that has the words "can you see me? oh wait minute what does this do? ok now can you see me" written in it. The text below reads "I always got a kick out of my grandparents trying to figure out how Zoom worked."
Drawing of a small fish above the Pacific Catch West Coast Fish House logo. The text below reads "I also started biking with friends on the weekends. We often started at Pacific Catch and then rode through Golden Gate Park. After being stuck at home for so long it felt to be outside again."
Drawing of hands together in prayer. Below the drawing the text reads "Lastly throughout this pandemic I have felt very thankful. I feel thankful because none of my family members have gotten coronavirus and everyone is doing ok in a turbulent time like this."



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