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Story Publication logo November 8, 2013

Jim Wickens Discusses Ecostorm, Dolphin Slaughter on Talk Radio Europe


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A brutal and illegal practice takes place far off the coast of Peru--the secret slaughter of...

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Butchery: The fisherman uses a sharp knife to slice off the dolphins fins, which are then discarded. Image by Jim Wickens. Peru, 2013.

The slaughter of thousands of dolphins for use as bait in lucrative long-line shark fisheries is a daily practice off the coast of Peru. Pulitzer Center grantee Jim Wickens was able to film the horrific practice for the first time. Dolphins provide a free bait for fishermen and are used to catch sharks. Wickens managed to find a vessel that was willing to take them on board in exchange for money for fuel and a guarantee of anonymity. In this interview, he discusses the experience of being 100 miles out in the ocean with shark fishermen.

To listen to the full interview, visit Talk Europe Radio's website.


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