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Story Publication logo September 15, 2016

Interactive Map: Reporting Across Pakistan


Ashi Jaan, age 45, takes a break from the protest to sit and smoke a cigarette while chatting with the rickshaw driver. Image by Ikra Javed. Pakistan, 2016.

A third gender lives in Pakistan, earning livelihoods through begging, sex work and dancing. But a...

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Click the link below to view a full-screen interactive map of this project's reporting. Images by Ikra Javed. Pakistan, 2016. Data visualization by Patrick Reilly.

Student Fellow Ikra Javed, a rising junior at Davidson College, recently returned from her trip to Pakistan to report on that country's khawaja siras. Covering this topic took her to Lahore and Rawalpindi, two of Pakistan's largest cities, as well as Islamabad, its capital. The map above, created by Pulitzer Center intern Patrick Reilly using a geo-referencing app, includes photos Ikra took at all three of these locations. One features the same khawaja siras who were interviewed for this project. Others give a sense of day-to-day life—rickshaw rides, ice cream bars, monsoons—in this country of over 180 million people.

Click here to view the interactive map.



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