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Story Publication logo May 29, 2015

Instagram Photos from the Marshall Islands

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Seven decades ago the Marshall Islands felt what nuclear war would be like. This century they're...


The Republic of the Marshall Islands was a small but forceful presence at the U.N.'s month-long review conference of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, which ended May 22, 2015, without a consensus on a path forward between the 191 state parties. "Our worst fear is continuing the status quo," said RMI deputy UN representative Deborah Barker-Manase on May 18, though the failure of the conference, in many ways, does just that.

This slideshow of images from Instagram shows four glimpses of life in the Republic of the Marshall Islands and one from New York during the UN's review of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.


Nuclear Threats


Nuclear Threats

Nuclear Threats

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