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Story Publication logo December 9, 2015

How Climate Change Is Affecting French Menus


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Northern Europe can teach important lessons about how to help slow, and to prepare for, global...

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Chef Francois Pasteau founded Bon pour le Climat. Image courtesy of Bon pour le Climat.

Diplomats from around the world have been negotiating a climate deal this week in Paris. They're hoping to slow the rate of global warming, which is already causing an increase in extreme weather events, such as droughts and intense rainfall.

France experienced one such incident in 2003. An intense heat wave that scientists say was made more likely by global warming killed 12,000 people. The French are also concerned that warming could cut the harvest of some of the foods that make French cooking famous. Daniel Grossman filed this report from Paris for Public Radio's Here and Now.



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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change

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