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South Carolina's The State highlights Pulitzer Center's After The Quake project.

Excerpt from Joey Holleman, for The State:

The images from post-earthquake Haiti a year later remain hauntingly powerful, the facts strikingly sad — yet somehow, USC professor and poet Kwame Dawes — who has traveled there several times to document the aftermath among people with HIV/AIDS through poetry — finds as much hope as horror.

Dawes and two journalists have collaborated on multimedia projects that offer a different and intimate look at how Haitians are coping with the slow recovery from a natural disaster that rocked the nation on Jan. 12, 2010, and an epidemic of HIV/AIDS that has haunted this Caribbean island for decades.

The presentations, "After the Quake: HIV/AIDS in Haiti" and "Voices From Haiti," are posted on a website of the Pulitzer Center, a nonprofit foundation that provides grants for in-depth reporting projects all over the world. Dawes worked with photographer Andre Lambertson and reporter Lisa Armstrong, both New York-based. Their work plumbs depths the mainstream media are unlikely to reach when reporters flock to Haiti this month to mark the anniversary of last year's earthquake. Continue reading this story on The State.


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