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Story The Four Hour Work Week November 20, 2016

Erik Vance on the Tim Ferriss Show

Marcus Sapere practices Reiki massage on a client in his office in Alameda, California. Reiki is based on the idea that sickness is caused by the changes in energy and that a therapist can manipulate that energy with his hands and mind. Image by Erika Larsen.

Inside our heads is an ancient power. A tool of miracle-workers, charlatans, witch doctors...

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Erik Vance prepares to have his brain scanned while attempting to create a hypnosis-like trance in his mind. Image by Liz Neely. Seattle, WA, 2016.

What role does belief play in your life? Is it just something you think about on Sunday morning or does it affect every decision you make? What role does it take in the creation and provision of modern medicine? It turns out that a new branch of science is pulling apart the mechanisms of belief in our lives and providing early answers to these and many other questions. In this podcast, science writer Erik Vance talks to Tim Ferriss about science writing, porcupines, and the future of mind/body medicine.



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Health Inequities

Health Inequities

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