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Story Publication logo April 22, 2011

"The Edge of Joy" Segments Air April 28 on PBS NewsHour


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As Nigeria works to “re-brand” itself from a post-colonial military state to a progressive...

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Image via 'The Edge of Joy.' Nigeria, 2010.

"The Edge of Joy," an issue-driven documentary regarding maternal health in Nigeria aired in excerpt April 28th on PBS NewsHour.

"The Edge of Joy," is one of four selected winners of The Economist Film Project, an inaugural contest featuring documentary films on issues The Economist is known for covering.

"We don't do documentary films at The Economist," Gideon Lichfield, Editorial Director of The Economist Film Project told The Wall Street Journal "but we want to promote the kinds of films we would make if we knew how to make them."

In partnership with PBS Newshour "The Edge of Joy" will kick-off the first round of special segments airing at the end of April.



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Gender Equality

Gender Equality
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Health Inequities

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