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Story October 30, 2007

David interviewed on radio programs - Listen here


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Gabriel Deng, Koor Garang and Garang Mayuol, Southern Sudanese "Lost Boys" in the U.S., were forced...

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Radio Islam WCEV 1450 AM Chicago:

Sunday, October 21, 6 pm CST, 7 pm EST

On air with Gabriel Bol Deng for 35 minutes

Click here to listen to the program. Scroll down to "Sunday, October 21, 2007" to listen to the show.

AM 620-KPOJ / Progressive Talk, Portland, OR

The Morning Show with Thom Hartmann and Carl Wolfson

Friday, October 19, 7 am Pacific Time

"Independent journalist David Morse-his travels with three former 'Lost Boys' of Sudan, Multnomah County Commission chair Ted Wheeler on Ironman, TOPOFF and property taxes, and listener e-mails and calls."

Click here to listen to the program. Scroll down to "10-19, Hour 2, POJ-cast.mp3" to listen to the show.

WNUR 89.3 FM Chicago, This is Hell

Saturday, October 20, 10:20 am CST

Click here to listen to the program.

David was also interviewed on Talk Nation.


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