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Story Publication logo May 7, 2023

Collaborative Ecosystem Restoration: A Middle Way To Resolve Space Conflicts in the TNBNW Forest (Part 3)


Image by Franco Bravo Dengo.

The Collaborative Ecosystem Restoration Program aims to balance forest sustainability and community...


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Image by Lipu Naratif. Indonesia, 2023.

Once opponents, they now volunteer to collaborate in restoring the ecosystem in the forests of Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park (TNBNW).

Basri Lamasese, a former hunter turned maleo egg protector. Image by Tomy Pramono/Lipu Naratif. Indonesia, 2023.

Basri Lamasese walks stealthily under the towering trees, at first glance like a reptile monitoring a target. He spotted a hole with scattered soil, a fresh excavation. For someone who used to be a maleo (Macrochepalon maleo) egg hunter, he knew by heart where the maleo nesting holes were.

Basri quickly lifted a large egg. He carried it to the hatching shelter: A small hut with holes similar to those dug by maleo birds. He was lucky that day, finding the egg faster than natural predators.

"Every day I have to compete with the monitor lizards. If I lose, these eggs will be eaten by the monitor lizards," Basri said.

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Due to the massive human poaching of maleo eggs and birds, people like Basri inevitably have to save them from natural predators. This is done to maintain the balance of Sulawesi's endemic bird population. He himself is a former maleo egg hunter.

Basri no longer remembers how many eggs he stole, which he failed to hatch. Hundreds or maybe even thousands. He has been taking maleo eggs since he was a teenager. His house and garden are very close to the maleo nesting site in Molibagu Village, South Bolaang Mongondow, North Sulawesi Province.

A group of palm farmers in Molibagu Village, South Bolaang Mongondow, processing ant sugar. Image by Tomy Pramono/Lipu Naratif. Indonesia, 2023.

Alham Tumondo, a farmer who cleared plantation land in the forest area of Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park (TNBNW). Image by Tomy Pramono/Lipu Naratif. Indonesia, 2023.

A group of farmers plants corn around the forest area. Image by Franco Bravo Dengo/Lipu Naratif. Indonesia, 2023.


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