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Story Publication logo November 6, 2012

Cocoa and Justice in Ivory Coast

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In Ivory Coast—the world’s top cocoa producer—cocoa farmers bore the brunt of a civil war that...

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Religious leaders open a reconciliation ceremony in the Carrefour neighborhood of Duekoué, Ivory Coast on March 9, 2012. During last year's post-election violence, Duekoué was the site of heavy fighting and a massacre that killed hundreds, yet the reconciliation event was attended predominantly by community leaders and UN and foreign aid workers, with little participation from local people. Image by Peter DiCampo. Ivory Coast, 2012

When photographer Peter DiCampo and writer Austin Merrill traveled to Ivory Coast, they hoped to document shaky but definitive steps toward reconciliation. Instead, they found evidence of continued turmoil and conflict, as rival factions refuse to let go of past grievances and look toward the future.

When cocoa becomes political – and land disputes over a single cash crop fuel a bitter civil war – is there hope of moving forward?






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