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Story Publication logo March 17, 2014

China: Sean Gallagher Photo Feature and Interview


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Rising temperatures on the Tibetan Plateau in western China are causing melting glaciers and...

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A man walks over rocks near to a glacial lake that has formed at the base of the Dagu Glacier on the southeast edge of the Tibetan Plateau. The glacier has been reducing in size in recent years as a result of rising temperatures in the region. Image by Sean Gallagher. China, 2012.

The latest edition of MIPJ (International Journal of Media and Information Policy) Climate Change, Resource Conflict, the Environment, and Human Security, includes an interview with Sean Gallagher by Kris Wetherholt, the executive editor of MIPJ. It also includes a photo feature drawing on Sean's environmental reporting in China. Sean's work on environmental issues in Asia has been supported by multiple grants from the Pulitzer Center. Gallagher and the Pulitzer Center recently produced "Meltdown," an e-book using images, storytelling and other multimedia elements to make sense of the enormous scale of China's environmental problems.

To see the photo feature and interview, you can subscribe to the MIPJ's 2014 edition (behind a paywall).


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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change

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