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Story Publication logo November 1, 2018

The Changing Arctic Diet: Adjusting to a Foreign Food System


Qamutiks (Inuit sleds) lined up outside Iqaluit’s high school. Image by Julie De Meulemeester. Canada, 2018.

A look into the causes and consequences of food insecurity in Canada’s Arctic, where access to food...

Image by Julie De Meulemeester. Canada, 2018. 
Image by Julie De Meulemeester. Canada, 2018.

In only a few generations, the Inuit have undergone an important dietary transition. As harvested country foods, such as arctic char and caribou, are supplemented and sometimes completely replaced with store-bought groceries, the Inuit suffer the consequences of an imperfect food system seemingly transposed from southern Canada.


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Food Security

Food Security

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