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Story Publication logo July 12, 2009

Bangladesh: Tania Haque on Dowry and Acid Crimes


Stine Eckert,  Pulitzer Student FellowRape, domestic violence, acid throwing, and dowry crimes are the most common forms of violence committed against women in Bangladesh according to lecturer Tania Haque, who teaches a class on violence against women in the women studies department at Dhaka University. Between January 1 and June 30, 2009, Bangladeshi human rights watchdog organization Odhikar reported 128 women as victims of dowry crimes, of which 96 died, 28 were tortured, and four committed suicide. Acid-throwing affected at least 45 people, states Odhikar, of which 31 were female. ( Tania Haque explains the reasons behind dowry and acid throwing crimes.

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