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Story Publication logo January 10, 2014

Atlas of Pentecostalism: An Audio Walk-through


Atlas of Pentecostalism

An interactive visual guide to the world's most rapidly growing religious movement.

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An image from the website for the Atlas of Pentecostalism.

The audiovisual walk-through guides you through the "Atlas of Pentecostalism" website and highlights its features.

The "Atlas of Pentecostalism" is an online database that maps in real-time the growth of Pentecostalism around the world. Using big data, cinematography, interviews, academic collaborations and crowd-sourced data, the website presents an evolving perspective of a fast-growing religion.

Navigate the catalog by way of four segments: iconography, cartography, and the collected interviews of scholars.

Iconography separated into sections such as church buildings, literature.

Cartography to visualize the Pentecostal reach, growing with each data point added.

Interviews with leading scholars on Pentecostalism who offer audio guided walks through the database.

Videography, a 50-minute split-screen documentary on the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Lagos, Nigeria, the "new Mecca of Christianity."

Visualize divine intervention, mapped as the global manifestation of the Holy Spirit as reported on Twitter with geo-located tweets about healing and blessings. Or view a catalog of bible sales, Christian broadcast networks, and trends in belief in the devil.


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