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Story Publication logo November 30, 2011

Anna Hazare, Gandhi and the Historical Moment


Anna Hazare speaks with supporters in Ralegan Siddhi in India.

Anna Hazare, inspired by Gandhi, transformed a village—Ralegan Siddhi, his hometown. Now, 74 years...

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Historian Ananya Vajpeyi discusses Indian anti-corruption leader Anna Hazare
Historian Ananya Vajpeyi discusses Indian anti-corruption leader Anna Hazar

How much of a "Gandhian" is Anna Hazare, the unlikely leader of the anti-corruption movement that has roiled Indian politics in 2011? Is there a place for Mohandas Gandhi in modern India?

Those are among the questions addressed in this interview with Ananya Vajpeyi, at her home in New Delhi. Vaipeyi teaches South Asian history at the University of Massachusetts in Boston and is currently a fellow at the Center for the Study of Developing Societies in New Delhi. She has written widely on modern Indian history and is currently at work on a book on the founders of the modern Indian state.

Also available: a PDF transcript of the entire interview.

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