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Story Publication logo March 26, 2011

America’s Grisly History Haunts Obama’s El Salvador Visit


Image by Roberto Lovato, El Salvador, 2011

President Obama wants to put U.S.-Latin America relations on a new path. But his drug and security...


From the editors of Colorlines:

President Obama concluded on Wednesday a five-day tour of Latin America, where he had hoped to make news talking about everything from trade to immigration, but where he instead parried questions about U.S. military actions in Libya. The president's trip climaxed with two days in El Salvador—where one in three people were once part of the rebel fight against a U.S.-backed, rightwing government during the country's 12-year civil war. Colorlines contributor Roberto Lovato followed the president on his trip. "Nearly 20 years after the end of that war," Lovato wrote from San Salvador, "one would be hard pressed to find someone in this country of 6.5 million whose conversation did not eventually turn to a story about a friend, family member or acquaintance who was among the 75,000 who lost their lives in the conflict. To date, few have been brought to justice for these deaths." Lovato narrates images from Obama's days wading through this difficult history.


Drug Crises


Drug Crises

Drug Crises

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