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Story Publication logo February 28, 2007

American teens, Rwandan truths


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Several Vermont high school students traveled to Rwanda in December 2006 to meet with teenagers...

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A group of Vermont high school students travelled to Rwanda to meet teenagers affected by HIV/AIDS. They share their photos, video, and their own words about their experiences in country

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Produced by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

"Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria" is produced by Azimuth Media

US Videographer: Colin McCullough

Producer/Editor: Nathalie Applewhite

Rwanda footage and photographs: Debra Archambault and the participating students and chaperones

Additional photographs: Riccardo Gangale

Special thanks to:
Debra Archambault
Cynthia Perry
Ellen Young
Rebecca Young-Ward
Kylie Butler
Elizabeth King
Martha Rich
Thetford Academy
Susanna Grannis
Children Affected by HIV/AIDS (CHABHA)
Sonia Scherr
Jeff Good
The Valley News

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