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Story Publication logo September 11, 2019

After the Tsunami: A Reading by Matthew Komatsu


Ocean energy distribution forecast map for the 2011 Sendai earthquake. Image by US NOAA. 2018.

From the personal to international, examining the long-term cultural impact of the 2011 Japan...

Tsunami Debris. Image courtesy of Matthew Komatsu.
Tsunami Debris. Image courtesy of Matthew Komatsu.

Matthew Komatsu reads his essay After the Tsunami

After the 2011 disaster, which killed his grandmother and laid waste to his ancestral home, Matthew, an American, journeys to Japan to search for what the tsunami left in its wake.

This episode is a production of Longreads and Charts & Leisure, produced by Jason Oberholtzer, with help from Michael Simonelli and Kelly Stout. Hosted by Catherine Cusick.

Scored with original compositions by Pax. A full soundtrack to this episode, with extended tracks, is available on Soundcloud.

Mixed by Michael Simonelli. Recorded in Surreal Studios, Anchorage.



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