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Story Publication logo August 19, 2008

About the Pulitzer Center


Jon Sawyer, Pulitzer Center

With the flood of terrific posts to Untold Stories from Pulitzer-backed journalists working in Georgia, Russia, Yemen, Iraq, Vietnam, Guatemala and more, we've also had a flurry of queries about who we are, how we came about, and the mission the Pulitzer Center seeks to serve.

As luck would have it, thanks to our friends at the Global Health Council, we've just acquired a copy of the video above, from a presentation on the Pulitzer Center that I gave to the council's annual media awards luncheon earlier this summer with Annmarie Christensen, the council's director of publications and new media. The presentation is on the Pulitzer Center's YouTube channel, along with dozens of other great Pulitzer videos from around the world, but you can also play it here.

Thanks for your interest -- and for supporting the Pulitzer Center's work!

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