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Story Publication logo February 8, 2018

87-Year-Old Korean War Veteran Reacts to Aftermath of Hurricane Maria

Rosalda Olma, a wife and mother to three kids, opens the front door to what remains of her home in Loiza. The entire home and contents were destroyed by the hurricane, and the family is living in a nearby school for the time being. “It’s hard getting used to these living conditions,” she said. “All five of us are trying to fit inside a single room.” Image by Ryan Michalesko. Puerto Rico, 2017.

Weeks after Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, the island continues its battle for food...


José Maldonado, an 87 year old veteran of the Korean War, lives in Humacao, Puerto Rico with his wife Hermenia. As a double amputee, Maldonado passes each day in the seat of his wheelchair.


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