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Project May 31, 2022

The Tattered Menstrual Health of Kashmir’s Tribal Women



This project is about the tribal women of Kashmir who are overwhelmed by stigma and taboos when it comes to their menstrual health.

Most of the adolescent girls of Gujjar Tribe from the region are never sent to schools. Their education is limited to religious education, mostly at home. Lack of knowledge and awareness in turn impacts their menstrual health.

According to a study aimed to provide an insight into the cultural setup of the tribal community with regard to the issue of menstruation, in 83% of the total 200 respondents, the women receive information from relatives and friends.

The report also included that 96.9% of the women managed their menstruation in a poor manner (for example, use of dirty cloth, improper washing of used cloth, and inadequate drying mechanisms) and improperly. Only 4 (3.0%) of the subjects reported proper (use of fresh cloth each day and disposal of used cloth) management of their menstruation.

The project, through photos and supporting text, will show to the outside world the issues and problems faced by these women when it comes to their menstrual health. These women are also victims of patriarchy and misogyny.

The project is published by openDemocracy, a U.K.-based media publication that is a pioneer of free living and takes on suppression of any form in the world.