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For approximately 2 billion people throughout the world, access to basic foods is anything but guaranteed. Food security is a complicated issue that is susceptible to many forces. Insecurity results from climate change, urban development, population growth and oil price shifts. These are factors that are rarely confined by national borders.

The Global Voices stories featured here were commissioned by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and are written by Global Voices health editor Juhie Bhatia. They draw on multimedia reporting featured on the Pulitzer Gateway to Food Insecurity and the work of bloggers discussing the issue worldwide.

Global Voices is an international community of bloggers who report on blogs and citizen media from around the world. See additional stories from Global Voices Online on Food.

The Pulitzer Gateway on Food Insecurity is a place to learn about under-reported, yet critical, global Food issues from around the world. The Pulitzer Center invites you to share your own story about this issue too.


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Food Security

Food Security