Jenny Justice watches her grandson
Jenny Justice watches her grandson for the afternoon in Pekin, Illinois. Justice describes Pekin as a community rampant with addiction. Seven months prior, Justice’s daughter, Annabelle Rodgers, died from an overdose. Justice says she will die happy if she can help just one person by sharing Annabelle’s story. Image by Aryana Noroozi. United States, 2021.

In November 2020, Jenny Justice, 37, lost her oldest daughter, Annabelle Rodgers, 18, to an overdose. Justice, a resident of Pekin, Illinois, not only grieves alongside her other daughters, who are still adolescent, but she herself is a grandmother—Annabelle left behind a two-year-old son.

Justice says she will never get her life back, but she will die happy if she can help at least one person. Throughout her life, Justice defied the odds of the addiction rampant in Pekin. The loss of her daughter caused her to play into her strengths and mobilize these odds, from joining community boards on addiction, to completing her bachelor’s degree for a career in prison exit counseling.

Aryana Noroozi's writing and photography document Justice’s determination to fuel change and eliminate the stigma around addiction in her grandson’s life and community at large,



Drug Crises


Drug Crises

Drug Crises