Austerity and the End of Social Programs Accelerate Amazon Deforestation

The end of Bolsa Verde, which reached almost 80,000 people (2016) and has the characteristic of directly reaching populations already classified in extreme poverty, therefore more vulnerable than average, must be considered in the context of broad and unrestricted dismantling of public policies.

Michel Temer's and Jair Bolsonaro's governments brought the extinction of the Ministry of Agrarian Development (MDA), the drastic reduction of budgets for the Food Acquisition Program (PAA), the Pronaf (National Program for Strengthening Family Farming), the Family Rural Insurance, the stagnation of resources for the Family Farming Crop Plan, the considerable reduction in the offer of Technical Assistance and Rural Extension (ATER), the reduction of the Bolsa Familia, among others.

This project reports on how budget cuts and austerity programs have accelerated deforestation in the Amazon and severely affected local communities.