Vidal Merma Maccarcco


Vidal Merma Maccarcco is an independent journalist based in Espinar, Peru.

His work focuses on investigating the consequences that the work of mining companies have in his province, with particular attention on the defense of the human rights of the K'ana Nation, the Huancané Bajo community in the province of Espinar and Cusco Region.

He speaks Spanish and Quechua. During his career, he suffered many attacks and faced obstacles as he tried to investigate and report on environmental incidents in the mines.

Despite this, he continued his work. Between 2007 and 2010, he worked as a reporter in Espinar: Radio Los Andes and the television channel Canal 11.

Between 2011 and 2014, he was director of Espinar's municipal television channel, overseeing the presentation of reports, services, and documentaries, as well as the design and production of television programs. During the same period, he was a local correspondent for the public news service of the Peruvian media, RPP noticias, one of the main national media.

He also maintained a personal blog and a YouTube channel where he posted images of events in the province of Espinar. Among his most important works produced are the documentaries Espinar se Levanta, Hanccollahua, and La vida no vale un cobre.

Since 2018, he has collaborated with Italian photojournalist Alessandro Cinque and with several Peruvian and international NGOs.