Trisha Ahmed


Though Trisha Ahmed grew up in Alpharetta, Georgia, the first place she proudly called home was Baltimore, Maryland. In Baltimore, she went to college and became a field interviewer in the poverty and inequality research space. She also earned a sociology and social policy degree at Johns Hopkins University in 2018. 

After graduating, Ahmed completed a research fellowship with Stanford University in San Bernardino, California, and dove into journalism for the first time through volunteering at the local NPR station. Soon after, she moved to Calcutta, India, to learn about her Bengali heritage, and also to complete an internship at The Telegraph India. She subsequently moved back to Georgia to work at CNN's Atlanta headquarters as an intern, then as an assistant producer for a year. Ahmed hopes to use investigative journalism to push the conversation further about wealth inequality in the U.S., and to catalyze change toward a more equitable society.

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