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Teo Belton


Journalism Fund

Teo Belton is a French film director and screenwriter, recognized for his short films awarded a number of times in the national competition organized by DAFO, of the Peruvian Ministry of Culture. He has worked on projects such as Lima 48 Hour Project, Corto de boleto which led him to participate in the NAB SHOW in Las Vegas.

His interests are focused on his life experience, as he has lived in several countries in Latin America and Europe: Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, France and, currently, Peru where he lives since 2009.

Belton embraces dreams, reality and fiction and exposes the most intimate landscapes of nature, inspired by Colombian magical realism. In 2016 he directed the short film "Somnotoscopio," where he tells the story of a 19th century inventor who created a cinematograph capable of filming dreams. It received awards at national festivals and by DAFO. That same year, he participated in the Sony Short Fest contest organized by the University of Lima and Sony, creating the short film KA, which was awarded the first place. As part of the award, Sony took him and his team to Las Vegas to exhibit his work at the prestigious NAB SHOW.

His latest short film, "Sheut," made in 2017, had 18 official national and international selections, and also won 18 international awards in different categories.

Currently, he is directing "Uroboros," which deals with a story of mourning, with surreal and science fiction overtones. At the same time, he is preparing long feature and documentary projects focused on the Peruvian Amazon.

Teo Belton