Simon Ostrovsky


Simon Ostrovsky is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist best known for his coverage of the 2014 Crimea crisis and the war in eastern Ukraine for VICE News, for which he was awarded the prestigious DuPont Award from Columbia University and was nominated for two Emmys. He also won a 2013 Emmy as a producer of VICE on HBO. 

More recently he has worked as a reporter on CNN Investigations, Coda Story investigations editor and as contributor for PBS Newshour Weekend where he has hosted a series of reports on poverty, immigration and gun control in the United States.

Simon has covered the countries of the former Soviet Union extensively throughout his career, where he witnessed four revolutions and two wars as well as the Middle East, where he covered the Iraq War, Syria and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He has also  travelled throughout Asia investigating North Korea's economic activity beyond its borders and its practice of selling cheap labor throughout the continent.

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