Sebastiano Vitale


Sebastiano Vitale was born in Turin, Italy in 1975. He has been working for several years in the media world both in experimental web-art and in mainstream production.

In 2009 he launched his long-term project selected among the top 5 documentary-blogs at Cannes MIPdoc 2010; is a blog run by an anonymous cocaine producer living in Chapare, Bolivia, that through his personal stories give an unprecedented glimpse on the human condition behind cocaine production.

Through 2008-2009 has worked for major for media outlets such as RAI (Italian National Television) Trade, Grazia Neri, Scala Group. In 2007 he has been working as managing director OVO's Webtv, a major multimedia start-up, on a large project which aim is to create a video encyclopedia (this is currently a work in progress).

In 2006 Sebastiano published his first book, "Diari di un Aristopunk", published by Messaggerie Italiane, and he's currently working on the publication on his second one.

Sebastiano was the founder of 80/81 and BAT ( -- 1998 through 2006 – Through these 9 years he was co-author and co-producer of Island.8081 and, pioneeristic web portals, featured in several major festivals internationally and specialized publications. His work is part of CITIA Museum's permanent collection, Annecy, and was exhibited/curated by ZKM Karlsruhe (Future Cinema), San Francisco MOMA, BAM Brooklyn Academy of Music, pop music Festival Internaccional de Benicassim, ARCO Art Fair, Absolut LA Biennial, Artissima, among others.

His work has been reviewed by the New York Times, Wired, CNN, BBC, Encyclopedia Britannica. He was among the six finalists art directors chosen to for Torino's 2006 Winter Olympics opening and closing ceremonies, a project in cooperation with multiple Emmy Winners Gary Smith (Smith-Hamion company) and David Goldberg.

Sebastiano has recently started to film and co-direct factual films.