Rayan Hindi


Rayan is a French- Lebanese journalist and director with a decade of experience reporting on diverse topics around the world.

His work has been published in medias such as France 24, Al Jazeera, the BBC, Vice, Le Monde, AFP...

His last film 'Ballet and Bullets, dancing out of the favela' which features young ballerinas striving to dance through the violence of Rio's favelas was produced for Vice with the support of the Pulitzer Center has received multiple awards, and nominations in festivals around the world.

Rayan also directed 'Mocha,' a long feature docu-fiction about the first high school for transgender adults, that came out in movie theaters across Latin America and received several nominations and prizes in Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, and Mexico.

Attached to human rights, he has covered issues including ivory trafficking in Cameroon, child brides in Ethiopia, deforestation in Paraguay, the refugee crisis at the Syria-Lebanon border and prison systems in Latin America.

Rayan currently lives in Paris, where he pursues his career as a documentary filmmaker.

Recently he has been working as a consultant with the UNHCR, for which he covered humanitarian operations in the democratic republic of Congo, a country plagued by war and civil unrest, as well as Lebanon.

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