Myra Burns


Myra Burns was formerly incarcerated for aiding and abetting first-degree murder, “delivery to death,” in 1983 at the age of 21 years old. Myra was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for 187 PC special circumstances, serving a maximum amount of time totaling 36 years of incarceration. Myra’s first Board Hearing was in 1989. Over time, Myra continued to work on herself and was denied 6 additional times before her release on June 11, 2018, at the age of 57 years old. Due to the passing of SB-261, youth offender parole hearings, existing law generally requires the Board of Parole Hearings to conduct a hearing for offenders sentenced to state prison who committed those specified crimes when they were under the age of 23. Now a blissful 60 years old, Myra is no longer on parole and now is living her giving back to others, helping those who feel left behind, and sharing her experiences and life openly with others.

Headshot of Myra Burns. She wears a necklace with a cross and a baseball cap.