Mehran Mafibordbar


Mehran Mafibordbar is a documentary photographer and instructor, based in the city of Qazvin, Iran. He has a Bachelor of Art with a major in Graphic Design. Since 2007, Mafibordbar has documented lifestyle and cultural matters and humanitarian subjects in his surroundings. His in-depth vision towards the social and cultural movement of Iran was praised by the industry over the last decade. As a result, he has received numerous local awards and recognition.

As a challenge, and to push the boundaries for himself, Mafibordbar experimented with the marriage of documentary and artistic approach to expose the beauty of this world and in this path, he found the settled modern vision of storytelling. In 2014, he became a photography instructor and has run a number of workshops around the country besides teaching at the university. In 2017, Mafibordbar joined the NVP Images as an Associate Photographer.

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