Marina Amaral


Journalism Fund

Marina Amaral has been a journalist since 1984, having worked on the editorial staffs of Folha de S. Paulo, Globo Rural magazine, Record TV, and Cultura TV.

In 1997, she started to work in independent journalism, participating in the foundation of Caros Amigos magazine, of which she was a special reporter and executive editor until 2007. During this period she won a Herzog Award for the set of articles published in Caros Amigos (1998) and an honorable mention together with journalist João de Barros (2004).

Between 2008 and 2009, she coordinated a team of 13 journalists in an unprecedented survey on human rights in Brazil, at the request of the National Secretariat for Human Rights, and worked as a reporter on the book Jornal Movimento, uma reportagem. Since 2011, she is director and co-founder of Agência Pública.

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