Lloyd Fox


Lloyd Fox is the visuals content editor for enterprise/investigations for The Baltimore Sun. He collaborates with reporters to bring visual power and humanity to The Sun's longer stories. He shoots video and photographs for The Sun's award-winning projects. They include one about the struggle to integrate schools, another project about a plainclothes police unit that went rogue, and a story chronicling one season for a middle school wrestling team.

His talent for editing, as well as his photographs, have won him many awards, including from the Missouri School of Journalism's Pictures of the Year contest, the Society for News Design, the National Press Photographers Association, and the Cooperstown Hall of Fame.

Lloyd started at The Sun in 1990 as a staff photographer. Before working at The Baltimore Sun, he worked for The Philadelphia Inquirer as a stringer and then as a contract photographer. He graduated from the University of Delaware and lives in Harford County with his family.

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